- Convenient Solution to Record and Demonstrate Electrical Compliance
- Permanent Electronic Legend for Every Distribution Board
- All Held Locally at the Distribution Board
- Reputation and Trust are Hard to Earn but Easy to Loose.


What must I do?

Under the Safety Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 and the Fire Services Act 1981 you are obliged to maintain accurate and up to date compliance records and have them available in the event of an audit for your electrical and fire systems.

How can Smart-C help?

Smart-C provides a software solution to record and demonstrate  your electrical compliance, all stored locally at the distribution board.

Convenient, easy to access, complete historic information including circuit names, records and certificates. No IT Integration required.


Convenient, easy to access, complete historic information including circuit names, records, and certificates.

Emergency Lighting – Periodic Testing – Completion Certificates – Distribution Board Labelling and Circuit Identification.


There are 4 Electrical Fires in Ireland every week. In the event of an electrical fire or injury can you prove you are compliant?

Is Electrical Certification on your Risk Register? The Safety Health & Welfare at Work (General-Application-Regulations) 2007 sets out general duties for the testing of new and existing installations. Regulation 89 of the legislation states:

“An employer shall ensure that –

A a new electrical installation and a major alteration of, or extension to, an existing electrical installation is, after completion, inspected and tested by a competent person and a report of the test is completed verifying that the relevant requirements of this legalisation have been complied with..
B an existing electrical installation is tested by a competent person in an appropriate manner..”

With Smart- C, you can be confident that your electrical systems are being managed and maintained to the necessary standard and safe in the knowledge that you have the documentation on hand to prove it.

Smart-C Features

Simple to use and install
Proof of date with time stamp
Upload all certificates locally
to distribution board
Unique Identification Number
for every distribution board
Electronic labelling of distribution board
Reports & audit trail
Permanent history of distribution board
No integration with IT required

How it works

Scan QR or NFC tag on the distribution board

View labelling of the circuits, check for testing and certification
Data stored on the servers where information can be accessed including reports, audits, customer management, timestamps, etc.

Electrical Distribution Boards and Infrastructure require Certification and Testing. You are obliged to have your Distribution Board Circuit Names on display.  This is a legal requirement and is not discretionary. Smart-C ensures you can demonstrate compliance when you need it.

The actual documents and quantity may differ between jurisdiction; however, the fact remains that there is a legal requirement to ensure the correct certification is always adhered to.

This is due to their association with ‘Life Safety Systems’ – an element within the interior building with the purpose of protecting and aiding evacuation in emergencies, e.g. Fire detection, sprinklers etc.